Design Process

    As designers at Planetmind, we try to respect the relationship between our Living Planet and the wellspring of creativity that we channel through ideas and intention.  It is our hope that by maintaining and promoting open source software, sensible design, and creating relationships between artists, communities, and organizations, we can provide fertile ground for your web project and the tools you need to make it work for you.

    Here at Planetmind, we welcome new  and existing website projects. We create value for our customers by creating and improving web presence, usability and asthetic value of their site.

In order to be able to meet the widest possible range of web development needs, Planetmind maintains a pool of outside designers and developers from which we can draw. From daring and lively, to elegant and flowing, to simple organic, we can make your site what you want it to be. We can also incorporate the latest database and e-commerce applications to suit your needs.

please send requests for proposals or work orders to: